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Guitar Player - June 1999 

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By Lisa Sharken


Though the Buzz Feiten Tuning System may be the hot, new way to alleviate the guitar's inherent intonation problems, Earvana offers another alternative. Unlike the Feiten system, which requires a slight modification of the guitar's scale and the addition of precise intonation offsets, Earvana's system involves a pre-compensated nut that simply replaces the stock nut. This easy-to-install system provides the compensation needed to make your guitar intonate more pleasingly, and an added benefit is that you simply tune up and intonate as you would normally. The system is available in two nut widths-1 5/8" and 1 11/16" -that are compatible with Fender and Gibson-style necks.

Guitar Player - October 1999

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The Earvana Nut

The guitar's inherent tuning problems are something we're all forced to deal with. No matter how well your guitar is set up, intonation discrepancies will always cause certain chords to sound as sour as three-month-old milk. 

To our ears, the Earvana nut went a long way toward solving most intonation problems, especially those found in the first, second, and third positions. Also, chords played all over the neck seemed sweeter and more piano-like. However, we found this improvement came at the expense of unisons involving fretted notes and open strings. Guitars can never be intonated perfectly, but the Earvana nut provides a marked improvement over the status quo.

* Compensates each string individually

* No permanent modification to your guitar - perfect for vintage guitars

* No special tuners needed

* Adapts to any fret board radius, fret size and string gauge

* Affordable so that you can outfit your entire collection

* Most accurate tuning system available