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BETTER THAN SLICED BREAD. If you are a serious guitar player, you have got to get one of these Earvana Compensated Nuts for your guitar. These make even the best guitar sound perfectly in tune anywhere on the fretboard. Forget that other nut and his nut, this is the real deal and you can do it yourself. Its so easy to install and so easy to setup. What a difference! I can't believe it. Something so simple and so easy to install can make such a BIG DIFFERENCE. Don't fall for the other one, the other one is a fish hook for snipe. If you can tune your guitar and set the intonation, installing this nut is a piece of cake. This is the real deal for under $30.00. If you don't check this out you really are missing out. 
Hatcher Amps

This is Matt from Roadside Guitars in Santa Cruz, caught you on Craigslist some time ago, and you sent us some samples. They really worked out! We think your tuning system is great. Huge improvement over you know who's system. It's great not to have to fiddle with settings on the Peterson to get intonation right.
Roadside Guitars Santa Cruz, Ca. 

"Well, I've fitted it. And I am bowled over. It really, really is incredible! Like all great ideas of genius, it is so simple yet so effective. I'm so happy. Yippee Yippee Yippee!!!" 

Jonathan Holford
London, United Kingdom

Hallelujah! Finally! I can go from open chords to bar chords without the usual flat or sharp spot. Each note in any scale is in perfect tune. The Earvana Nut makes the guitar in tune at all locations on the fret board!

Vince Lauria
Session Player, former instructor at Grove Music School, Published guitar instruction author

I am a custom guitar and bass builder, as well as a contractor for repairs and warranty for several manufacturers. I totally endorse the Earvana tuning system. Not only is it the only system that works, you don't have to destroy your instrument to install it. If you are a custom builder, take your instruments to the next level! Your customers will love you for it! If you are a player who's tired of nasty "b" and "g" strings, hate the fact that your guitar won't intonate past the 5th fret, get one! It is easily installed, works on acoustic and electric guitars, and if it's vintage you can take it out if you want to sell your guitar as "original". There is no more excuse for out of tune, out to lunch guitars anymore.

Tim Gibson
Guitar smith Custom Guitars and Repairs, Contractor, Instrumental Music, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Santa Barbara

I must admit that I was a skeptic about your compensated nut (before I ordered several!). After installing one on my personal guitar, I must say that the claim that this product is the biggest thing to come along since the tuno-matic is totally true. I sat playing chords for hours just to hear them in tune for the first time. If the majority of name guitarists (excepting Buzz!) aren't using this nut within the next few months, I'll be completely shocked. I have many customers who will consider this the Holy Grail; the product sells itself. Best wishes for success...

Steve Daugherty
Guitar E.R.

Dear Earvana,
I had been reading the great revues of the Earvana Nut in various guitar magazines for some time and found their booth at the NAMM show. I must say I was blown away by how much it improved the inherent problem we guitarists face with intonation. Being in tune is a battle we as guitar players face. Our instruments are in tune at one end of the fretboard, but out at the other end. Simply, Earvana solves the problem. Imagine, an in tune guitar player.. this may ruin our reputation! hahaha. I love it!

Fino Roverato
Guitarist, Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons
Member of the the Jazz group, Monterey Blu, Freelance Studio

Also from Fino, advertisement in Inside Connection magazine (below)

How important is playing in tune to you?

"To me it is everything. When I am in the studio and the red light goes on, I am confident my guitar is in tune all over the neck with the Earvana Nut".

Fino Roverato, L.A. Studio Musician, has toured with Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons. Jazz Band: Monterey Blu (smooth jazz)
Latest CD recording: Steve Wilkerson & Andrea Baker-Licorice Ice 

Dear Earvana,

Thank you for your revolutionary guitar compensating nut. It has truly made a beautiful difference in the chordal tuning and overall intonation of my guitars.

As a player, designer and builder of fine electric guitars, I always try and use the best tonewoods, components and building techniques possible for the utmost in style, tone and playability. Your compensating nut has brought my guitars that much closer to perfection! Such a joy to play, chords sound so sweet and perfect, no adjusting that B and G string when going from chord to chord. I could not imagine going back to a regular nut!

Thank you for an important contribution to guitar technology.
Scott Angley, Angley Guitars

To Earvana,
It's been 2 years since I first saw the write-up for the compensated nut in Guitar Player Magazine. I sent in my money, figuring even a small improvement on the intonation of my stunningly beautiful Guild X170 would be worth it. Whoa! At the first big band rehearsal after installation, four horn players came to me and told me I sounded especially good that night. Of course I didn't tell them, but my ears also heard the difference. I was able to play up and down the strings in all positions instead of across the fretboard. I also felt that many of the chords sounded sweeter. Now it's on everything I own, except my metal strat with the Floyd Rose. (I am waiting for that one to be released). From my trusty L7C to my X700 Stuart, it's as important as any component I use. I WILL NOT OWN A GUITAR WITHOUT IT EVER AGAIN. All I've ever wanted was to play in tune, and this has gotten me there. Thank you!

P.S. Why haven't the big boys started using this? I've never had anything so cheap that made such a difference on ALL my guitars. I would think that the first guy in gets bragging rights!

Paul Pinkham 

Dear Earvana
I just installed the nut you sent a couple days ago. It couldn't have been an easier process, or a more logical concept. Of course I wasn't prepared for the almost sickeningly satisfying feeling of finally playing in tune and having my guitar resonate as it's probably been dying to all these years. I'd gush some more, but I need to close this window and order another nut for my other guitar.

Thank you,
Chris Shaffer

I just got done revamping my guitar with your system, and all graph-tech saddles/string trees, WOW!!!!Just too cool, I have to admit I geri-rigged a knock off from the pics on your site to make sure it was worthwhile, but with the adjustable nut, I have near perfect intonation, aside from my not perfect technique. I wish I had a name so I could get to more people, but I'll tell everyone I know (players). I can't believe that the Buzz Feiten system can be that much better, and I don't have the time for offsets (no strobe tuner).

Your customer for life,
Trevor Baldock

The results are completely amazing! by the fact that you can play open string chords in tune! You can go from an E to a G to a D to a C and every note is in tune and playable! It is so GREAT to be able to play any note in a lower neck chord have them sound "right". No more skipping or omitting strings (unconsciously) because they will sound "off". Your free to let loose and strike any chord with total abandon!

Lancaster Custom Made Guitars  

First I feel compelled to say that the earvana nut has changed my guitar. I was seriously considering switching to a fretless instrument because of my gradual obsession with intonation. I'm one of those people who will be playing a million miles an hour and go "oh s---, my D string is not in tune with my high E for this run", and then adjust my tuning depending on where I am playing on the neck. When I record, I carefully retune the high registers relative to the underlying rhythm guitars. I won't be doing that ever again!

I generally tune strings in a cris-cross pattern testing octaves and fifths up to seventh position. Over the last few years, I've been plagued by the following:

Tune the G string so that the fourth fret (B) rings true to the low E. Now fret the G on the E string and try hitting the open G string. OUCH! Never mind all the tuning systems that worry about the inaccuracy of thirds on fretted instruments. We guitarists can't even get the consistent octaves and fifths in a four fret range!

The Earvana retrofit solved this problem for the first time. I demonstrated this to my friends at Guitar Center, and they were floored. For less money than a pickup, they can actually have their guitars in tune! I gave 5 salesmen your URL. I myself have 18 guitars, and I want to, as money allows, fit every one with an earvana nut.

I am spreading the word,
Jonathan Davlin

Dear Earvana,
The Earvana Nut is the single most profound modification that I have made to my Arpeggione (guitar-violin) since it was built. Those "little temper struggles" I had (even when the intonation was "on") have gone away!! My instrument has come alive! It is beyond words! Now, more than ever, my instrument with the Earvana Nut installed is even harder to put down. I am hooked! I can not imagine my instrument without it!

Jonathan Wilson
Doctor Bow 

Dear Earvana,
Thank you so much for your compensating nut!! I just finished installing it on my Brian Moore i9, and the results are completely amazing! I am completely blown away by the fact that I can play open string chords in tune! I repeat, WOW! I can't just believe what I am hearing! I go from an E to a G to a D to a C and I am stunned because every note is in tune and playable! It is so GREAT to be able to play any note in a lower neck chord and have them sound "right". No more skipping or omitting strings (unconsciously) because they will sound "off". I am free to let loose and strike any chord with total abandon! Hey, is there a Nobel Prize for guitar design? If so, I want to campaign for you!!

-Another satisfied customer,
Scott Hemleben