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Q: What about the other tuning systems out on the market? Why should I buy the EARVANA system?

A: Let us count the ways for you...

1. The Earvana Nut retro fits into your existing nut slot. This means an installation on your high end or vintage guitar will not devalue the instrument.

2. There are no hidden costs. The EARVANA nut can be used with any regular guitar tuner. The purchase of a guitar tuner with programmed offsets is not required.

3. There are no special frets to install. Our system works with your system!

4. Our system costs 75% less than the competition. With our system it is not necessary to cut into the fretboard (as with another system) or replace the fretboard and bridge. We kept this in mind knowing that you'll want this system on all of your guitars.

5. In the event that you wish to change the gauges of your strings there are no secret formulas or major recalibrations required.

6. "The Test" Our product was demonstrated as follows:

A customer was asked to tune his guitar using his standard method of tuning. We had the customer play an open "E" chord slowly. It is important that the customer play this chord slowly. We then pointed out that the "G#" note of the chord is very sharp in pitch. If the customer does not agree that the note is sharp, we reach over and adjust the "G" tuning machine, which instantly tunes the chord. The customer now agrees with that the chord was out of tune and that it is now "in" tune. We then have the customer play a "D" chord. The "D" chord is horribly out of tune. This illustrates the point we are trying to make with the customer: His equal temperament tuned guitar is at best an approximation. Now a guitar with the EARVANA nut is presented to the customer. I'll let you guess as to what the customer thinks in regards to the EARVANA tuning system. If this product can't be sold in less than 1 minute, you are either not following our procedure, or you're talking to someone with ulterior ambitions.

Q: What is the EARVANA tuning system?

A: EARVANA has patented a nut that replaces the existing nut on your guitar. This nut allows the player to quickly achieve more accurate tuning.

Q: How does this improve my guitar?

A: You have probably noticed that it is nearly impossible to tune your guitar so that the chords in the first 5 frets ring true for any open chords. EARVANA has solved this problem by developing a nut that compensates for the errors that are inherent in 99% of all stringed instruments.

Q: Do I have to tune differently than I do now?

A: No. With the EARVANA nut you simply tune the guitar normally and play. Whether you presently tune your guitar at "E" flat, or use alternate tunings, the EARVANA system works. EARVANA keeps your guitar as an equal temperament instrument while making the tuning almost perfect!

Q: How can I tell if I need the EARVANA nut?

A: A simple test will show how your guitar presently performs without the EARVANA nut. First tune your "E" string (either "E" string) open. Make sure that the string is perfectly in tune on your tuner. Now, fret the string at the first fret. Notice that the "F" note is not perfectly in tune. The tuner shows the note is sharp. Try fretting the guitar at the first 5 frets and notice that the notes are still sharp. With the EARVANA nut, all these intervals become nearly perfect (+/- .010 %). For a definite heart attack, try the above test on the "G" string. At best, tuning a normally nutted guitar is an approximation. The EARVANA nut reduces this approximation to near perfection.

Q: Does this sound too good to be true?

A: It is! This nut may be one of the best developments to happen to intonation since the invention of the Tune-0-Matic style bridge.

Q: If it affects the first 6 or 7 frets what happens to the rest of them?

A: It will give you a total balance throughout the entire fret board. But most noticeable on the first 6 or 7 where the most help is needed.

Q: How does it conform to the different radiuses?

A: There is a slight flexibility to the part which allows it to conform to any radius.

Q: What is the material made of?

A: The proprietary and unique material formulation of our nut
is high-:pressure injection molded to create a brighter, tusk-like
tone while producing slip lubrication properties superior to
graphite. Get the best of both-have a bright bone sound with
slip properties superior to graphite!

Q: Do I need to file down the string slots?
A: They are set for jumbo frets and a slight filing is required for lower fret heights.

Q: To set action height, can I file the bottom of the nut instead of the string slots?
A: No, You must file the slots ONLY!

Q: Will it work on an Acoustic Guitar?
A: Yes, and in most cases there is no bridge adjustment required.

Q: Do I have to readjust the bridge in the initial install?
A: We do, to precisely tune your guitar it is usually necessary.

Q: I have fought this problem for 25 years where have you guys been?
A: Doing research.

Q: How do I get technical support?
A: The technical support number is 805-459-3393 or go to the contact page and submit your question to technical support via email.

Q: Can I use this on my Vintage Guitar?
A: Absolutely, there is no harm or modification required.

Q: How do I change tops if I want to because of action height, fret changes, etc.?
A: Simple, loosen the strings, the 3 screws, and remove the top.

Q: How does this system compare to the other systems I've read or heard about?
A: This is the only system that compensates individual strings, requires no fret board modifications and uses conventional tuning methods.

Q: Can I do the install myself?
A: If you know how to setup your guitar & have an understanding of conventional tuning with a Strobe Tuner. We advise using a top flight tech in your area, you are guaranteed better results. Call us for a listing of a good tech in your area.

Q: What if I require custom string spacing?

A: Get the 1 3/4" model. It comes unslotted so you can set your own string spacing. It fits virtually any neck of any popular guitar.

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* Compensates each string individually

* No permanent modification to your guitar - perfect for vintage guitars

* No special tuners needed

* Adapts to any fret board radius, fret size and string gauge

* Affordable so that you can outfit your entire collection

* Most accurate tuning system available